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About Jane

Jane Marks is a sought after speaker on all aspects of dementia as well as caregiver challenges.  As the Executive Director for the Alzheimer's Association,

West Virginia Chapter for 12 years, Jane develped a broad knowledge and keen awareness of the impact of Alzheimer's or a related dementia has on, not only the person with the disease, but their families.  She made a point of learning all she could about Alzheimer's and related dementia disorders. 


Jane  has an affinity for the challenges of family caregivers of all types. She knows first hand about many of the challenges from her own experience as a caregiver for her mother who had Parkinson's with a related dementia. 


Jane is a Certifed Dementia Practitioner and spent time in the United Kingdom participating in training and peer discussions concerning dementia care as well as caregiver  support.  She  is acknowledged by health care professionals as a subject matter expert, capable of transforming a complicated set of circumstances in to a person centered solution.  She is a published author of numerous articles on aging, dementia, and caregiver challenges. as well as training curricula for long-term care staff.   She hosted a local talk show for several years, has  presented at numerous conferences, and served on multiple national, regional, and local task forces and work groups.  Her wisdom, experience, and unique sense of humor make her a memorable and, more importantly, an effective presenter.



More about Jane, click here.
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